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How will February be for you? Rasi based Predictions by The Astrological eMagazine team.

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The Science Behind Maha Shivaratri. Maha Shivaratri is a very important timeframe in a year. It is held at a high esteem by the vedic scholars.

[P.D.F] Astrology Mundane and Spiritual (1933)

If one undertakes a specific Kriya details below on Maha Shivaratri, he or she can supercharge himself or herself spiritually and mentally. Download PDF. Saturn Transit Saggitarius.

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Bhama Veeraraghavan. Saturn signifies a plenty of things, these include detachment, spirituality, slow growth, stagnation, obstacles, hard work, delayed progress, courage, change, reinvention and need for change in the way of life. USElections Horoscope.

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Mundane Astrology by Jagdamba Prasad Gaur Synopsis: This book is written with the objective of understanding fundamentals of Mundane Astrology which are used to make predictions about nation, politics, whether, crops and natural calamities. Mundane Astrology is a branch of astrology where good-bad results and events of villages, cities, provinces, countries, health of people, financial, social and political situations, things, weather, earthquakes, winds-storms, natural calamities, contagious diseases, relationships of nations, crops etc are analysed.

The financial, social and political situation of a country or province is sometimes very stable and sometimes it is totally fluid. The growth of a plant is not always the same although the land, seeds, fertilizer, water etc are same.

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During one year the production is sufficient while in another year it is poor in spite of good inputs. On one part of earth there are natural calamities, agonies, turmoils. At the same time at another part there is peace and progress. These phenomenons indicate that there in definitely some reason behind this mystery that at one place there is prosperity at one time but all of a sudden it is engulfed by strife.

During one year the rains are heavy causing floods but in next year there is drought. Occasionally a commodity becomes expensive all of a sudden and sometimes its prices remain low for a long time. The knowledge of all these matters is obtained from Mundane Astrology. As there are elections on earth for selection of prime minister etc for establishment of a democratic government and qualifications abilities of elected persons influence the areas ruled by them, in the same manner every year a celestial council is formed by planets to run the world.