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The Chai Box : I cannot say enough about this brand and the founder of the chai box. Scrumptious Wicks : These candles are well… scrumptious. Inspired by South Asian Scents. Food: Below is my favorite food accounts I follow on Instagram in no particular order. All of them have something to offer and you can easily make for your Diwali Dinner or lunch.

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Happy Eating! I apologize if I left any brands out, I know there are so many that are out there so please comment below with your most favorite brands! They are an online decor website that sells the absolute cutest decor items. Whether it be wall print or items for the kitchen, they have it all. It was so hard for me to pick what I wanted from the website! It fit right in.

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They had different sizes but I went with a smaller print that I used a bigger frame that I already had from his nursery days so it worked out perfectly. Below is the item I showed you guys in my stories last week. What a deal!

Happy Shopping! Let me know what you guys think and share on Instagram rushmehome. Happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your weekends. We had a pretty eventful weekend. I threw my daughter a small birthday party and then I went to a BSB concert. Sometimes rugs makes or breaks the room the decorator in me at least thinks so! Below are the sizes I suggest for a standard size room for kids:.

Nothing wrong with picking neutrals or rugs that have tassels. It took me all of 1. Alright, below are my top nine picks you can also directly get links from the LiketoKNOWit app, follow rushmehome. Would love to see which ones you have chosen. We are continuing with the Girls Bedroom series. The answer is a mirror.

Here is why:. In all seriousness, I think mirrors provide such a statement piece. Honestly, I feel like some of these would also look good in a master bedroom or a guest bedroom. How are you already 3? I felt like I just brought you home from the hospital as if it was yesterday.

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Scared and nervous to do this all over again merely 16 months after I had given birth to your brother. One of those two things were better with you. However, the biggest thing I was worried about was having baby blues. And on September 12, you came via planned c-section and boy were you perfect. I heard your loud cry and I thought wow, I have this beautiful little girl now. I had most of my firsts with your brother, but I knew God saved some firsts for you.

Like how you latched on so much easier. All the things I stressed about the first time, you gave me the strength to not stress about them. Thank you for that. And you will understand this exact feeling when you become a mother someday. I hope that you grow up to know your worth, protect your energy and tell your story your way. You have one life, live it your way. Happy Birthday my love. Hers was the most undecided out of all of them to be quite honest. I had so many ideas but none of them really stuck. I went on a trip to Home Goods and I saw these framed wall decor and then it all just came together.

Here are my quick tips on wall decor for Girls Bedroom:. Try to figure out different ways to decorate the wall.

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  5. For example, if you have wall paper on, opt to go for just a simple frame or a name wall art instead. You can do neutrals, add different colors. You want to make sure you are offsetting the pink with some other neutral colors. Where did the time go? I feel like its been a long time but at the same time I still remember the feeling when I decided to push the button on my first blog post like it was yesterday.

    I had my website name and instagram handle ready for a year before that waiting to be turned live. I finally did take the step in February and since then I have met so many wonderful people and have made such great connections. With that said, on Monday I went to an HGTV block party where I got to meet vendors, bloggers and learn about how Influencers grow and build their brand. I thought it would be a good idea to share what I learned at the event for those who want to start something but have been hesitant, hopefully to inspire you to take the step you may have been thinking about.

    I was able to sit through a panel with three ladies who shared their blogging wisdom that I will take into account during my journey for my brand. I want to end with saying that I truly believe there is enough room at the top for those who want to push past all the noise, and focus on your passions. Hope you enjoyed the quick read today! Below are some pictures from the event. Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! The curtain topic was one of the biggest asks from my followers, I mean how can it not since curtains basically give any room that perfect touch.


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    And the best part is I did not break the bank with those curtains. Everyone has different taste and price points when it comes to purchasing home goods. Some prefer higher price points while some want a great deal. I got my emerald green ones from Amazon all for about 80 bucks for 4 pieces. What a steal!?!

    Am I right?? And as always if you have any questions leave a comment below or follow on Instagram rushmehome. Every time I thought about writing this story, it made my heart tug a little bit. Because to be quite honest, its opening up a side of me that only a few special people know. During the 9 months I was pregnant, not a single person, outside of my sister who could not breastfeed her first, told me how ROUGH breastfeeding really was.

    NOT my doctor or friends.

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    Special offer for you! Top Muslim Astrologer specialists in Chandigarh. Select some filters to find matching service providers. QuikrEasy in your pocket! My learned friend. Eost, Librarian of the India Office, has kindly imdertaken to give this volume the benefit of his superintendence while passing through the press, thus conferring an inestimable favour, not only on the author, but on the public, by preventing the book from being disfigured by errors of printing; for all other errors I must remain responsible.

    This volume contains only the Phonetics of the group.

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