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This is potentially one of the most enjoyable times of the year for you and it will be more enjoyable still if you can get past the irrational feeling that somewhere along the line you will have to pay for all this happiness. Leo may be a sign of action but sometimes you can have more fun by just sitting back and letting life come to you. If you make an effort to understand a point of view that you dislike it could bring big dividends further down the line. Venus in the career area of your chart means that important people will look on you favourably over the coming week and if you are smart you will make the most of it.

If you turn on that famous Libra charm they will agree to just about anything. Others may try to convince you that you need to get serious about your work and your money situation, and no doubt they are right, but you just want to have fun. Travel and social activities are more important to you now than getting on in the world. Your fortunes will change for the better over the next few days and before you know it you will be wondering how and why you managed to get so worked up about nothing.

Be generous with your time, your energy and your love. Remember, what you give out you always get back. No one is forcing you to work as hard as you are, so slow down and use your energy with a bit more wisdom. According to the planets someone you should be emotionally close to is feeling neglected, so put their needs first and repair your relationship.

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If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter. Still, it is the combination of Water the Moon with it that makes a difference. Taking into consideration the fact that the Sun is in its detriment in Aquarius, we will see that too much creative fire leads to all sorts of problems. Disappointments are possible, and damages will be great if gentle inner nature isn't respected and cherished.

Immense tenderness is needed or the Fire will eat their efforts, relationships and hearts, leaving them naked and vulnerable, unfit for the world that surrounds them. Life purpose of those born on the 7th of February hides in Neptune, the gas giant we cannot see. It is the mystery itself that guides these individuals, and they won't rest until they find their personal faith.

While many other people find their answers in religion and traditional sets of beliefs, those born on this date have trouble embracing any system that doesn't sound and feel right to their hearts. The most liberating experiences will turn out to be eye-opening, and the only way to discover Divine Love is to create enough distance from their own fate to see it through symbolism and with a clear, enlightened mind.

Although primarily turned to freedom and mental strength of Uranus, people born on February 7th tend to be quite romantic too.

February 7 Birthday Horoscope

In the strangest of times and weird ways they will show their affection to those they care about, and need partners who don't hold them back or control their movements and decisions. Joint accounts might not be their primal choice, but they still need to feel at home with the one they choose to be with. Just as their nature opposes itself in such distant extremes, their expectations and readiness to give in will carry the same imagery.

Movements, changes, and the flow of their emotional development in their primal family will determine the level of detachment they have from the outer world. Whatever the case, they will often idealize partners, believing in the ultimate good of the humankind. Disappointment kicks in only when they aren't on the right track in life and when changes made need to be made on all levels of existence. When a person is born on the 7th of February, they know it since childhood that they have some big shoes to fill.

They excel in the strangest of things and will always show to be great at something out of the ordinary, something others don't understand. It is their task to swim out of everyone's expectations, from the point in which everything is still hazy and unclear.

February 7th Element

Detachment and your universal quality are keys to solving many of your problems. Be careful, however, to avoid inflexibility and feelings of frustration and impatience, since they can undermine your determination to realize your goals and ambitions. To achieve your objectives, you benefit more from combining your strong imagination and idealism with your sharp intellect.

While you are between the ages of thirteen and forty-two, when your progressed Sun moves through Pisces, your emotional sensitivity becomes enhanced and you develop a stronger inner life. This can be reflected in your visions, dreams, and ideals as well as in your social life. At the age of forty-three there is a turning point as your progressed Sun enters Aries, emphasizing a need to take the initiative and be brave and direct in your relationships with others. Alternatively, you may develop your relationship skills. Another change of emphasis occurs at age seventy-three, when your progressed Sun enters Taurus, highlighting a greater need for a practical approach to life as well as financial security.

By having an astrological chart calculated, you can find the exact position of the planets on your date of birth. This will tell you which of the fixed stars listed in this book are relevant to you.

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Birthday Horoscope February 7th

Your strong emotions and warm heart suggest that you are an individual who enjoys sharing experiences with others. Courteous and friendly, you possess natural diplomatic skills and an ability to make people feel relaxed.

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A charismatic inner quality enables you to radiate love and positivity, emphasizing the importance of having an outlet for your self-expression. Due to your strong feelings, however, you may have to create a balance and refrain from going to extremes by overreacting. Nevertheless, you possess charm, and with your power of love, you need only to find fulfilling activities or relationships to bring out the best in you. Honest and direct, you can be an excellent companion, with a natural ability to help others. As well as charm, you also have ambition and a spirit of enterprise.

Although these qualities often drive you to search for opportunities and keep you active, you also possess a need for security and strong foundations.