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The traditional astrological symbol for Mars is also used as the scientific symbol for male, in the same way that the astrological symbol for Venus , a circle with a cross below it, is used scientifically for female. All the planets plus the sun and moon have similar representations.

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James Dignan , 19 Jul The symbol used for Pluto is a combination of the letters "P" and "L", representing both the planet and Percival Lowell, the Astronomer who predicted its discovery and spent much of his career searching for it in the early years of the 20th century it was discovered 14 years after his death. James Dignan , 14 Jul Personally, I do not think that we should consider wider territorial changes in the region.

The situa-.

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This is obviously an extremely controversial topic. My starting point is that we need to see a final deal reached between Belgrade and Pristina that will see the two countries establish a normal relationship based on mutual recognition. To this end, any options that do not violate international law should be on the table. If this means some mutually agreed territorial arrangement, then this should be permitted. Of course, many argue that settling the differences between Kosovo and Serbia in this way necessarily opens the way to resolving other situations in the region in the same manner.

I disagree. Under international law, what two sovereign states decide between themselves does not create a precedent for others. If Belgrade and Pristina agree to exchange territory as part of a final settlement, then this is their business. It does not open up an opportunity to others to seize that model.

Simply put, one country agreeing to the separation of part of its territory does not mean that others are obliged to accept the same. If so, no countries would ever be allowed to secede by the rest of the international community.

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However, balanced against this, I understand the sensitivities around this issue. I think it is important to emphasise that any agreement must be subject to approval in Serbia and Kosovo and that the implications of any arrangement on the wider region must be carefully considered.

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  7. This is certainly a possibility. However, I think that it is far more likely to happen if the current situation continues and there is no final settlement between Serbia and Kosovo. The more Kosovo is denied a place in the international system, the more incentive there is for it to circumvent the problem by uniting with Albania. It is not something that I advocate in other situations in the Western Balkans. In fact, I believe that it would be very dangerous to open discussions on the territorial integrity of, for example, Bosnia-Herzegovina or North Macedonia.

    However, I do not believe. I think that lots of things could revive the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina. However, I think we need to consider what the purpose of the dialogue is now.

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    To my mind, it should not be about trying to achieve various confidence building measures CBMs as part of a long-term incremental approach to improving bilateral relations. This could lead to another decade of uncertainty. I think it.

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    Interview Exclusive is far better to focus on a formal settlement that closes all the outstanding issues between Kosovo and Serbia and allows them to establish a formal relationship based on mutual recognition. For this to happen, I think it will require some major decisions, and concessions, by both Belgrade and Pristina. In this context, there are a whole range of options that could be explored. However, I suspect none of them will be universally popular.

    However, at the same time, I think it is important to acknowledge that Britain has also been keen to improve its ties with Serbia over the past few years.

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    I think we have seen tremendous steps forward in that direction. I have seen the wonderful initiatives taken by the British Embassy. The existence of organised crime is certainly a concern in the north of Kosovo. However, if we are to be honest, it is a problem across the entire Western Balkans. Overall, I think that the vote to leave the EU was a disastrous decision. Indeed, the whole idea of a referendum was ill-conceived.

    People did not really understand the value of the EU or the nature of our membership back in Apart from the decades of lies from much of the popular press, the whole Leave campaign was marked by serious irregularities. On top of this, the actual withdrawal process has been an utter mess for start to finish.

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    At this stage, it is almost impossible to predict what will happen. As a staunch Remainer who actively campaigned for the United Kingdom to stay a member of the European Union, I would like nothing more than to see Article 50 revoked. Failing that, I think there should be a referendum to confirm that people still want to leave the EU. I think a new vote is vital now that it is clear that the deal negotiated with the EU is vastly inferior to the relationship we already have with it as a member - especially if one considers the various important exemptions Britain has, such as not using the euro and not being a part of Schengen.

    Some people have also mentioned the idea of returning of the process to UN frameworks? My natural preference is to see the EU take the lead. Also, the EU has a lot of levers that it can use to facilitate an agreement between the sides. However, it needs to be recognised that the United States and Russia are also going to have to play their parts in any settlement process. After all, they are both members of the UN Security Council.

    In this capacity, they have have the potential blocking role on any deal that it reached. As for a UN role, I am not sure that this would make sense. I would expect it to be strongly opposed by Pristina, which would almost certainly see it as reopening the status question. I think that the vote to leave the EU was a disastrous decision.

    In fact, I believe that if Brexit goes ahead we could very well see the break up of the United Kingdom in the next decade. Indeed, the big question to my mind is whether it will be Northern Ireland that leaves first or Scotland.

    For various historical and cultural reasons, if one goes then it seems all but certain that the other will follow. It was one of the first countries to recognise Kosovo. It also took a lead role in persuading other countries to do. I know that many in London view Serbia as the key to a peaceful and prosperous Western Balkans. The choice of the way we will do this tells us a lot about the social values we want to promote. Will the more modern pre-existing solution be replaced with a retrograde one; should the ideas from the new draft enrich and supplement the existing law, or are we on the road, with this new law, to taking another beating from the authorities, who strike selectively and at their own discretion?

    The opinions of the experts with whom we spoke illustrate various views regarding this tax issue. The fact is that the existing Law on Tax Procedures contains provisions that allow for the cross-checking of property, but which have never come to life into practise. The primary reason for this is that these provisions were not sufficiently elaborated, then there was no obligation for state authorities possessing relevant information for determining the origin of assets to share that information efficiently, and as such they remained dead letters on paper.

    The Law on Tax Procedures and Tax Administration for determining tax on regular annual income envisages two ways of determining tax fundamentals — the comparative method and the cross-check examination method. The first method involves determining tax fundamentals on the basis of financial statements, turnover existing throughout the year, and this is the method almost always applied by the Tax Administration.

    The second method is cross-check examination, which has absolutely no punitive character even if it is applied and a discrepancy is found between reported revenue and what the Tax Administration determines. The Law on the Origins of Assets and Special Tax is an attempt to elaborate provisions on the cross-check assessment of tax fundamentals that exists in the Law on Tax Procedures and Tax Administration, which was adopted in.

    The aim of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Finance is to produce high-quality acts that can be applied in practise, and the Law on the Origins of Assets and Special Tax should enable such effective implementation. The draft law introduces a completely new method of cross-checking assets, as well as a new procedure of the special tax unit that will deal with this process.

    If there is a discrepancy between the income the taxpayer reported to the tax authorities, as well as in the income that they did not have to declare, but was taxed on the basis of deductions such as dividends , on the one hand, and increases in assets, on the other, the origin of such an increase should be re-examined.