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No more trouble spots, and your immune system is in perfect order. Meditation or yoga may not be your thing. Jump on a trampoline. Alternative medicine could make you live longer.

Your yearly horoscope in full for 2018

Invariably, the beginning of every year, until the Sun enters your own sign on the January 19 is when you tend to be short of vitality, and when physical activity is a necessity. Then you should be fighting fit and positively radiant. There is no risk of injury this year. The only time you are susceptible to sickness is around the end of June and beginning of July.

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Even then, the influence of Mars in your sixth house for several weeks will have an excellent effect on your general health and wellbeing. The best advice is to take regular breaks, whilst Jupiter remains in Libra. In your case, travel not only broadens the mind, it reduces ageing.

As usual, your health is determined by how you feel emotionally. Your hormones are raging at the beginning of , and you have never looked better. The same applies between August 7 and Being the best you can be, without any gimmicks or fancy gadgets, is attainable — all it takes is clean living. Supplementing your diet with the right nutrients is the way to start. Blessed with boundless energy and limitless stamina, you are seldom sick for any length of time. Mars, in Aries from January 28 through to early March, will kick-start your year and you should feel more lively than ever.

The time to curb your fast-paced life is mid-March, the 9th especially, as well as much of September.

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Since Aries rules the head, avoid over-stimulation with nicotine, caffeine and the like. This will help those prone to headaches. Too much ultraviolet tends to bring you out in a rash. Wear plenty of sunscreen when holidaying this year. Other than that, you are a picture of health and working at full throttle. Except the tendency to pig out.

Watch your food intake. A good facial does wonders. There will be occasions when continuous work gives diminishing returns, and you could benefit from a break — especially mid-April and the start of October. Respect your body, even when you are partying hard and the endorphins — and the alcohol — are flowing freely. Gemini is termed an air sign, and an overactive mind or imagination is often where the symptoms of illness stem.

Not that you are a basket case. Nor are you obsessed about your health. Both your physical and psychological well-being are assured this year. More so once Jupiter enters Scorpio in the autumn, where it will remain for a whole 12 months. In the meantime, there are no dangers looming or impending doom — your body will work like clockwork and do incredible feats in The period prior to your birthday, and in particular May 10 - 20 and November 4 to 18, are invariably times when your batteries and energy are running on empty.

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Not that you should feel too poorly or worse-for-wear — during the majority of this year you seem to be a bundle of energy and a fine specimen all round. Bear in mind that Saturn remains in Sagittarius, and the health angle of your chart, throughout most of So you must try to discipline your body, flatten your belly, and exercise regularly, even if you need to enlist the aid of a dietician or personal trainer. A more holistic and spiritual approach could transform your health. Pencil in the early part of June — the 9th, to be exact — to begin a completely new regime or fitness campaign.

Normally, you are hale and hearty, and full of vitality. But as begins, you may be struggling with too many responsibilities, and more vulnerable to ailments, allergies, and sleepless nights. After the 12th January, or thereabouts, you be back on the mend, and even the epitome of health and wellness.

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  7. Lovesickness is the disease you dread the most. Upsets the hormonal balance. I think that helped me pull through. At first, he mistook the symptoms for flu and dosed himself up with over-the-counter remedies for several days before he went to the doctor. But doctors were adamant that was only a short-term solution and advised him to have a triple bypass.

    He had the six-hour op on September 16th, using healthy blood vessels taken from his leg to bypass the blocked arteries.


    He is now staying in Cambridgeshire with his sister-in-law while he recuperates. He has to attend bi-monthly hospital appointments to monitor his recovery and takes aspirin to stop his blood clotting while his body adjusts to its newly built blood vessels. A few months ago in Madeira I was tanned, lean and fit. Perhaps not, but Justin looks remarkable for someone who underwent major surgery just two months ago.

    His long flowing hair and softly spoken manner give him a suitably cosmic air. That is accentuated by the sweet cloud of gin-and-citrus-water vapour he exhales after puffing on his e-cigarette — a healthier alternative to the cigs he has ditched since his operation. He has cut down on the alcohol, too, and spends our interview sipping from a bottle of water. Clearly he is determined to cling on to this new lease of life, keenly aware how lucky he is after former Daily Mirror astrologer Jonathan Cainer had a fatal heart attack in May.

    It came as a big shock, too, especially as I was waiting for a heart bypass at the time.


    I spoke to his brother, who said Jonathan had suffered a heart attack before. Justin certainly has plenty of blessings to count. Before moving to Madeira he spent six years living holed up in an idyllic wilderness retreat in Canada, where he could look out of his bedroom window and watch beavers building a dam across the river at the bottom of his garden.

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    Astrogirl – Libra – 14 August , Weekly Horoscopes - YT

    I was destined to do this. At first Justin juggled his job at the furniture factory with writing horoscopes for the local press.

    While he believes his path has been mapped out by the stars, he refuses to use astrology and his copy of the star chart the ephemeris, which he carries in his jacket pocket, to look too far into his own future. For the first time in 12 years, Jupiter has moved into Libra and that brings new opportunities. Just as I have returned to the Mirror, I knew it was her time. I knew Donald Trump would become President, too.

    We all face challenges, but I believe for every bad thing that happens, the heavens have a positive outcome planned. No matter how bad things may seem, things can always turn around if you have faith and you pray.